Patient Gown Redesign – CII – Catastrophic Illness and Injury

Patient Gown Redesign – CII

Many hospitals and individuals have tried to redesign the patient gown, but so many of the failed updates, although marginally more attractive, seem to have completely missed the point: a better patient gown has to be designed for enhanced care, safety and modesty.

What if a hospital gown could lean into the serious problem of hospital-acquired conditions and adverse events?

The Catastropic Illness and Injury Gown (CII-Gown) is a patient gown with built-in ports and pockets that allow medical staff to perform their tasks more effectively and with less wrestling than would otherwise be required with a standard gown that wasn’t built with a patient’s dignity in mind. Not only was priority given to dignity, when the CII-Gown was being designed, but to a patient’s safety and care too.

The gown is the ideal solution for all patient care situations but in particular the gown makes the difference between invasive care with negative outcomes and empowering and healthy care.  The CII-Gown is simply the “Johnny gown” reversed and equipped with pockets that gives convenient access for tubes, catheters, monitors and an eyelet to anchor drains and tubes. The ports are multifunctional and color coded for their intended use to assist in the line reconciliation process. It is our hope that the CII-Gown will be assisting patients in their journey toward a less risky hospital experience. It is made of latex-free, moisture-wicking fabric in a variety of bright colors.

Redesigned for Better Patient Safety in Mind

The current patient gown design can potentially CONCEAL medical mishaps such as tubing misconnections, and further place patients at risk. The redesigned CII Gown takes care of this and facilitates prevention and risk reduction. CII’s design is not dangerous to the delivery of care and opens easily for care!

Patient Care

As an RN and former cancer patient herself, CII-Gown Inventor Kennedy knows what effective and compassionate patient care looks like. The gown allows caregivers to deliver lifesaving care without the inconvenience of a gown that seems to always work against the actions of the caregiver. Redefine the patient experience with a new practical approach to patient care. The CII-Gown makes it possible to access tubes, catheters and monitors with little to no disruption to the patient.

Patient Safety

The potential for harm exists when tubes and lines become tangled or the “spaghetti syndrome” occurs and also creating an operational inefficiency for medical staff. Patient safety is one of the most important things on a caregiver’s mind, but the CII-Gown takes caregiver safety into account as well. For patients with limited mobility, nurses and doctors are able to access all ports quickly, and without straining to lift the patient into place.  Science is suggesting that not even “proper” lifting technique is saving the backs of nurses. The latex-free construction means that patients with latex allergies have a superior alternative to gowns made of the common allergen. Additionally, the moisture-wicking properties of the material keep the surface of the patient’s skin dry, which is ideal for keeping bacterial growth at bay to further reduce pressure ulcer development.

Patient Privacy & Dignity

The CII-Gown was reverse engineered so the back is closed to preserve privacy, but patient privacy and dignity is not just skin deep. So many patients are committed to modesty as per their religious practice and the CII-Gown is the hands-down choice for anyone who wants a fully working hosptial-approved gown that doesn’t leave the patient feeling unnecessarily exposed. © 2016 Tracey L. Kennedy “All Rights Reserved.”