If you are not helping to make it right, then stop complaining about it being wrong…is my mantra for the week. I did not think I would need to make a post about this so soon, but I have confidence in what I created and believe in myself. This is my journey to endure, and I plan on finishing what I started. Those with their negativity have yet to offer any solutions, the only thing I hear chirping in the background are crickets…. Honestly, if they would take a moment to think about the patient gown, this puzzle has yet to be solved, therefore, the traditional dreadful gown remains on the market, so give CII a chance! © 2016 Tracey L. Kennedy “All Rights Reserved.”

Artistic design

So, I have received verbal feedback from individuals either at work, through communication with friends, or just others that randomly approach me and provide feedback. I am told the front of CII appears to have a “face.” Just so everyone is clear, the ports and pockets were bolded to highlight their intent for display purposes and their intended use to help prevent medical mishaps from occurring in the healthcare setting. In reality, the color coded ports and pockets would blend more easily with the selected pattern of the gown. All things considered, I believe the team and I did a fabulous job with the launch of the website, blog, and video. We are only human, I consider myself a novice. I do not myself see a “face,” I see safer delivery of care in which lines and tubes can be quickly accessed for care, and easy reconcilation of those same lines and tubes with little or no disruption to the patient when I look at the front panel of CII. When lines, tubes, or drains are visible on the outside of the gown, HCP ‘s can easily distinguish if they have been connected correctlty, further reducing risk to the patient and placing the patient in a better position to have a favorable outcome. So, I suppose it is all a matter of interpretation….
Finally, I do appreciate everyone’s comments and look forward to more. It is my belief if healthcare is to be transformed, we as healthcare professionals need to think about how care will be delivered safely in the near future and beyond. Changes are definitely needed, what we do and how we do it will matter going forward. I hope to be part of a great change. Do you? Now is the time to get involved and make a difference.   © 2016 Tracey L. Kennedy “All Rights Reserved.”