Just like the dinosaur, the traditional patient gown has truly served its purpose here in this world, but now it is facing extinction. The current demand of a complex health care society is calling for changes in the current design of the patient gown to meet patient and staff needs, as the current design does not lend itself to versatility or privacy by any means. In my opinion, the traditional gown it quite dangerous to patient care as it is quite bulky in nature, with the length of the gown quite possibly contributing to patient falls. When was the last time anyone considered changing the length and sweep of the gown? Reducing and preventing patient falls continues to be a top priority in healthcare organization across the nation. The one item every patient wears is not even considered to be a factor in patient falls but we evaluate footwear during a patient fall incident. Makes sense? Probably not…The traditional gown also conceals critical lines, tubes, and drains as they can not be visualized on the front panel of the gown making it difficult for clinical staff to visually reconcile these items without total disruption to the patient, which can be a dissatisfier. Quite often, these lines, tubes, and drains become dislodged for various reasons, but how much time passes by until these mishaps are realized as they are hidden by the traditional gown, even concealing possible tubing misconnections that should have been visualized and corrected immediately but were not because the current design of the gown does not lend itself to PREVENTION. It is important to realize CII can assist in improving this process and reduce risk to the patient with its built in color coded ports/pockets, as well as it UNIQUE ability to open easily for care and treatments. Can we not build a better patient gown to incorporate the element of patient safety into a garment that is worn by patients DAILY during their stay in the health care setting? Some serious consideration needs given to these elements if the patient gown is going to take on a new look and transform healthcare for the better.© 2016 Tracey L. Kennedy “All Rights Reserved.”


The most unique feature of CII is the ability of the gown to “open” easily for care and treatment. Currently there is not another gown on the market that has the same versatility as compared to CII. The gown currently “opens” from left to right allowing quick access to the patient and a simple slip on fit. In reality, CII can also can be reversed if properly designed and manufactured for the left-handed individuals in the world. Meaning, CII can also from open from right to left if necessary.  My youngest daughter Kayla is always complaining there is never enough product in the marketplace for the “lefties” so I designed CII in mind with you Kayla! © 2016 Tracey L. Kennedy “All Rights Reserved.”