Butts and Guts

Lately I have posted quite a few cartoons and images on my social media (FB, Pinterest, LinkedIn) outlets of what reality is like in the healthcare settings for patients with lines/tubes. Certainly there is no room for modesty as you will take note of all of the breaches in privacy. The most notorious example, “butts” hanging out of the back of the gowns for all to see, 👀 but why have we settled for mediocrity when consumers continue to complain about their “butts” hanging out? Yet we continue to not listen to the consumer’s primary concern? My number two example, most bed bound patients and their “guts” exposed for all to be viewed by passers by, as the design of the traditional hospital gown does not lend itself to the needs and challenges of the medical complexities of today’s healthcare. Other than those that are in healthcare, does anyone really realize that a bed bound patient lays in the bed almost fully exposed when they have a feeding tube (gastrostomy) in place as there is no easy way to get to the tube without inconveniencing the patient and without lifting the traditional patient gown to connect the enteral feeding to the gastrostomy tube? Yet on a daily basis, we continue to use a product that does not meet the needs of patients or assist in delivering care more efficiently to support health care professionals to perform the needed care for patients. The traditional hospital gown by design conceals medical mishaps on a daily basis. Patient’s will continue to have many line/tubes hidden underneath a traditional patient gown, so are we helping or hindering the process by continuing to use an outdated product or because nobody wants to take on the challenge of a niche redesigned patient gown to improve safety and quality? This is a process that cannot be rushed. I truly believe those in healthcare would like to nothing better to see a newly redesigned patient gown that incorporates some of the CMS elements to improve quality and safety. Until a collaboration between textile manufacturing and healthcare occurs will the puzzle finally be solved to Build a Better Patient Gown.  © 2016 “All Rights Reserved.”