Wearable Technology

We live in a faced past environment, and healthcare is no different when it comes to technology. But what about taking technology to the next level and incorporating those elements into the patient gown to make the gown a more useful device to not only the patient but the provider? Most patients bring their smartphones with them to the hospital. Why should patients not have a secure pocket on the front of the gown to carry their phones with them? Quite often these electronic devices are misplaced and lost in the linens only for the clinical staff to spend wasted time attempting to locate these devices. Patients want access to their electronic devices and to keep in contact with their families and to have access to information. Besides, patients want to keep their smartphones close. This practice of patients bringing this type of technology to the bedside is not going to change anytime soon. Secondly, Why do HCP’s have to struggle to gain access to newer technologies such as the life vest, iTBra, and the Health Patch, just to name a few because the traditional patient gown continues to not meet the needs of the patients with the traditional design; you have to almost completely remove the garment in order to gain access to anyone of these items. But yet, the traditional patient gown still continues to be mass produced? CII is the solution and the RIGHT choice for both of theses issues. Easy access and versatility of the gowns ability to open and the cleverness to adjust to the changing needs of the patients is what sets CII apart from the traditional patient gown. CII is a unique patient gown in the marketplace offering a variety of solutions to common problems found in the healthcare industry, and the redesigned patient gown provides comfort, dignity, quality, and safety all in one mystical design setting it apart from all the other traditional patient gowns currently in the marketplace. #BuildaBetter Patient Gown #ChooseCII ¬†Copyright ¬© 2017 Tracey L. Kennedy RN