The Re-designed Patient Gown and the Doughnut Hole

When people here of the “doughnut hole,” they probably cringe as it usually refers to the Medicare Part D coverage gap which establishes a temporary limit on prescription drug expenses for Medicare patients once a co-payment trigger has been met. When I refer to the “doughnut hole ” in my redesigned patient gown-CII, it refers to the the center of the gown that has a doughnut hole which can have a multi-purpose use. The original intent of the “doughnut hole” was to be able to anchor a g-tube and or other types of drains/tubes with an eyelet concept. In the technological society we live in, different types of health monitoring devices can be fastened to the gown to track patients that may wander, or to connect smart phones with applications to monitor heart rate and BP, and quite possibly even monitor a patient when they get out of the bed vs the traditional bed alarm that is currently being utilized. The possibilities are continuing to emerge with the advancement of science and technology. CII is well adapted to these various opportunities in the marketplace, and will be the patient gown of the future because of the simplicity in the gown’s modern design, versatility, and the adaptability. So, have you changed your mind about the “doughnut hole” concept yet? Choose CII! Request CII!  © 2017 Tracey L. Kennedy, R.N.  All Rights Reserved