The Patient Gown, An Iconic Symbol

So glad the the holiday rush has now ended so I can refocus my efforts to CII. The New Year began with me watching a very iconic parade full of tradition, the Rose Bowl Parade. I also watched a light bulb commercial during the parade which brought me to blog about this article on iconic symbols, like the light bulb, the patient gown, are beautifully crafted pieces of art work that have withstood the tests of time. The light bulb was created with its original purpose, just the same as the patient gown, but along came inventor/scientist Nick Holonyak from GE to to make the light bulb more efficient by creating the LED bulb. It took small phases for the LED bulb to be adopted, forward thinking and about 50 years later before the LED’s true potential would be realized, but the light bulb still remains an American icon today. It still has purpose, it is just more efficient, and is slightly different in appearance. So why should the patient gown be any different? Why do so many keep trying to dramatically change the design of a healthcare icon? The patient gown will always be an iconic symbol in healthcare and be part of the tradition that lives on in patient’s lives everywhere all over the globe. The patient gown still has a purpose, and in my opinion, the gown will never go away completely as it is embedded forever in time. What I can tell you is CII (my redesigned patient gown) was created to make the basic patient gown more efficient by opening easily and creating the safety and privacy patient’s ask for. CII also helps meet some of the core regulatory requirements hospitals and ICF’s are struggling with; also CII is slightly different in appearance as it has built in ports and pockets, as well as an eyelet to anchor drains and tubes (CMS requirement). So again, these two iconic symbols have much in common, and are beautiful just the way they are! I just hope it does not take 50 years for someone other than myself to realize CII’s true potential so that we may Build a Better Patient Gown. Tracey L. Kennedy © 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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