Snaps & Stitching

My new mantra is “a new day, a new way,” so let’s talk about the snaps and the stitching on the traditional patient gown. The snaps need to be slightly larger due to the aging patient population and their decrease in fine motor skills that accompany life. It is very difficult for patients to locate and snap these tiny eyelets together when they are not acutely ill, so you can just imagine the nightmare and dissatisfaction that is causes when someone is debilitated and in the hospital for a prolonged period of time and not even have control of snapping a basic patient gown. A gown that currently ties in the back or sometimes snaps which patients are not able to extend their arms and reach to tie or snap without the assistance of a nurse in most instances. I was not able to do this for myself after my breast cancer surgery either and I was under the age of 50 at the time, very frustrating, and I felt a sense of a loss of control which I expect other patients feel the same. Now the snaps…the GAPS between the snaps! Talk about your privacy being invaded and feeling like a “peep show.” These gaps between the snaps along with loose stitching make the gowns very drafty in my opinion. There are some cultures that simply do not want any exposure of the body at all and simply the traditional gown does not measure up. The insane piece of this puzzle is we continue to use the traditional patient gown which continues to be a major patient dissatisfier even with issues being identified with the traditional patient gown. CII can offer patients the ability of a quick slip on fit, the ability of the front panel to open easily for care, larger snaps on the sleeves so the gown can break-away from front to back if necessary, larger snaps symmetrically placed on the left side of the gown with tight stitching in between the snaps, and a fabric that wicks away moisture. CII is an opportunity to build a better patient gown to achieve optimal patient outcomes 🙂 © 2016 Tracey L. Kennedy “All Rights Reserved.”

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